Close range aerial photo and video service using remote controlled helicopters.
Helicam Services Oy is the leading close range aerial video, photo and cinematography service provider in Europe. With years of experience, Helicam has flown in feature films, commercials and television productions. We are specialised in operating with cinema cameras like 8K RED Epic Helium and Arri Alexa mini.

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Helicam services includes pre-planning, insurance, permissions, all the necessary equipment, remote control stabilized camera head, 8K camera with Zeiss lenses, wireless video assist and crew of two people with years of remote flying experience. All the equipment fits in flight cases and is ready to shoot in 15 minutes of arrival.
We are based in North Europe but work worldwide. Please email us for price info and latest showreel.

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Clients and references: BBC, Five Currents, 20th Century Fox, AMCMercedes-Benz, Stink, Solar Films, OakleyRovio, The Mill, Wonder, EyeworksMoskito, FazerPulse FilmsSubhash GhaiNobody, Flatlight FilmsKomia HelsinkiNokia, Nokian Tyres, Strictly Baltic, Angel Films, Dagsljus,  Suomen Yleisradio, Woodpecker Film, Also Starring, Matila Röhr Productions, Leo Burnett,  Klaffi Tuotannot, Nelonen, Yellow Film & TV, Volvo, Nirvana Films, Kennel Helsinki, Rähinä records,  Ruka,  Allfilm,  KuukulgurNafta FilmERR

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